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also, disclaimer, im very sensitive lol

i'll block/softblock u if i dont want u interacting with me. nothing personell.

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⋆im transmasc nonbinary
click 4 pronouns
⋆queer + oriented aroace
⋆able bodied and tme
⋆white australian

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⋆warrior cats
⋆lemon demon

please tag these for me!

bugs (#bugs)
the r slur (#r slur)
marine animals (#marine, #sea creatures)
no faces (eg. slenderman or blanca ac) (#faceless)

marine animals include crustaceans

my catchall tag is #ripley dont look

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(list needs 2 be updated)

davepeta - brightheart - fern

jake english - nepeta leijon - snowtuft

i am also angelkin and cryptid kin

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tumblr - skiploomz
twitter - skiploomz
discord - reed#5070
myspace93 - ripley
neopets - skiploomz

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art stuff
art tumblr - mudshrimp
deviantart - mudshrimp
twitter - mudshrimp2
youtube - mudshrimp
toyhou.se - muds

if u think microlabels or mogai terms "make the trans community look like a joke", then please escort urself from the premises

congratulations! youve found my ~secret~ identity page. (this page isnt just for gender, but for just general identity stuff and stuff i find cool.)

this list used to b organised into sections but now its all one big section lol

in general i am just queer. i rlly vibe with the term queer and im rlly happy 2 b queer. also love rainbows lol.

i currently vibe the most with the term transmasc!
i dont identify as a Trans Man and i dont feel like a Man in general but i feel adjacent to being a trans man kinda! transmasc is just the perfect word for me rn i love it.

i nonbinary :)
i used to id primarily as nonbinary but i started to not like the vagueness of the term. i still id as nonbinary but specifically as transmasc nonbinary!

been iding as ace since 2015!
my aspec-ness is super queer and its epic.
i know i tend to sound super defensive about this but ive been bullied and cyberbullied 4 being ace so much that i just dont care anymore <3

and im also aro >:)))) i id both as aro and arospec (because attraction is a mess thats super hard to figure out!)

quoiromantic 4 me means i cant differentiate between romantic feeling/platonic feelings/sensual feelings or aesthetic attraction. all of these attractions look the same to me and i cant tell them apart. shoutout 2 alexithymia.

oriented aroace
this means im aroace and still experience attraction (other than sexual or romantic attraction) that is signifigant.
this label technically suits me but i dont really IDENTIFY with it yknow? but it still fits.

nln + nlm + maybe nlw
i think i mite be these things but also i have no idea. shoutout to quoiromanticism

A gender characterized by feeling hazy, unclear, and undefined. While also having an innate or instinctual understanding of it being gendered in nature.

(a gender that feels influenced by, or connected to dogs in some way. )
(flag is my own)

(a nonbinary gender that is linked to softer celestial masculine energy.It is never hyper masculine and it’s not male-aligned nonbinary, but instead is simply linked.)

(a gender that is difficult to pin down due to neurodivergence)
i look at my gender and go wtf is going on in there. it feels like a room with glass walls but the room is full of fog. flag cred

i used to vibe more with stellarian than i do now. my gender is very neutral and a tad masculine but also im not solarian or novarian.
i feel stellarian but with a hint of dude. flag designer deactivated, but heres the og flag cred

kin stuff!!!

(Therians are individuals who believe or feel that they are non-human animals in a spiritual sense.)
ive beeing iding as a therian since like 2014 :3c

dog - straight up a domesticated dog :3 like a puppy

angel - from phantom sensations i can tell that i had two wings that started from my ribs. my wings were white with brown and golden specks. kind of similar to a barn owl coloration.

cryptid - this one is very abstract lol. shit is very inhuman. i just feel like a creacher stalking through a forest.
phantom sensations from this kinshift are really weird. my skin feels hard and sloughing??? it kinda reminds me of the hannibal stag from hit tv show hannibal.

ps. i get kinda embarassed 2 ask but if u use my neopronouns i will love u forever.

yes i like he/they pronouns but id also like my neopronouns to used more frequently/ just as frequently as my other pronouns thank u <3